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 With A Cash Offer On Your Calgary house...
You Can Save Thousands
For many properties, the process of selling can be drawn out and stressful. If you list the house, you will likely find yourself spending money on many unexpected expenses. Additional repairs for the property will likely need to be negotiated after the inspection, agents might have hidden administrative and marketing fees and you will have to pay up for commissions and closing. Plus, while the house sits on the market, you will have to pay for the monthly utilities, property taxes, and homeowners insurance. With a quick sale to Calgary Socal Home Buyers., you will be able to eliminate all of these costs.
We Can Help With And Distressed Property Or Burdensome Situation
Socal Home Buyers Calgary work all over Alberta. We have seen it all and have been able to help homeowners in many difficult situations. We can help you stop foreclosure, help you sell if you have a tax lien, if you’re going through a divorce, need to sell a vacant house with high taxes and more. We take on difficult situations such as probate and code violations. No matter why you need to sell, We will give you cash offer.
Cash in your pocket within 3-10 business days
* Sell your House Fast
* You’ll receive an offer within 24 hours of connecting with our team
No real estate commissions
* No foreclosure or bankruptcy on your credit report
* We’ll set you up with a Credit Repair Agency to help rebuild your credit
* Sell your home For Cash
* You won’t have to wait on finding a buyer… We are the buyer!
* We’ll explain everything to you with easy to understand verbiage
* We’ll do everything we can to ensure your family’s well-being
* We’ll help you avoid foreclosure
All promises & guarantees in writing