Need Repair

People shopping for their dream home are less likely to be looking at a property for its potential and more focused on homes that are move-in ready. If your house has seen better days, you might have a tough time going the traditional route. Thankfully, we love houses that need work. We’ve purchased homes 'as-is' in many situations and can buy yours.
We buy all kinds of houses, even if they’re significantly damaged, Including:
1) Houses that need extensive and expensive repairs that the seller cannot afford or does not have time to wait for.
2) Houses that haven’t been updated in decades and are in serious need of a makeover.
3) Properties that might not pass inspections necessary to put them on the traditional market.
4) Homes that need to be thoroughly cleaned up and emptied out before selling.
5) Properties in complicated situations that overwhelm sellers.
6) Sellers who need money right away, and can’t afford to wait on the traditional market.